Friday, March 2, 2012


I have been obsessed with the anime series Death Note lately. I've been plowing through the shows and am absolutely dying to get a hold of the manga series. I became interested mainly because of one of the characters Ryuk, a god of death. In the anime series he looks like this (the blue guy)

He's creepy looking, but its not too bad.
In the movie he looks like this...

SUCH A CREEPY BASTARD! I'm really impressed with the way they created him for the movie, but dear god!

I'm almost finished with the series and cant wait to start watching the movies.
The plot is a bit difficult to explain, but to put it simply Ryuk (that creepy guy) was bored in the spirit world, so he threw a death note (pretty much the grim reapers notebook where he writes who will be dying and how, etc) into the human world and this kid finds it and begins killing off criminals and then stuff just gets messy. Im usually not really into these sort of storylines, but this is just fantastic. If anyone has any other anime suggestions (preferably more girly/shoujo ones, swing them my way! :)


  1. I've heard about the series from friends and they rave about it. The story line didn't really appeal to me, but I might have to give it a try. You know what they say, "Never judge a book by it's cover." Do you watch Death Note online or do you own the whole anime series?

  2. Yeah that's how I felt too. I downloaded the series and the movies but I'm sure you would be able to watch it online. They have the manga version available online. When you get a chance to check it out let me know what you think :)