Monday, February 27, 2012


Well. I'm a bit pissed off. I got a new phone in December and finally got the Blogger app and have been blogging for there and now I find out that all the posts I had written didn't even friggen post. So that's a lovely bunch o' coconuts... I guess I'll just have to recap.
I've been having problems with my depression escalating so I've been seeing a psychologist and things have been getting better which is fabulous! We've moved back in with my parents a.because I need more people around me to help keep my depression away & b. to save money because.... We're going to Europe!! It was sort of a impulse decision, but hey! We're going! From the 1st of May I'll be in Paris and Rome livin' it up.
I've decided to get into hairdressing (which has been a long time coming) and have done a few trial runs for some salons, but eventually decided that because of my anxiety, I'd prefer to do a course first, rather than jump straight back into work after all these negative experiences. Some days I get annoyed because I feel as though I've wasted my time since high school and there's no point in looking to do a hair apprenticeship now, but then I remember, I've found the thing that I want to do for sure, so I'm already a step ahead of most people, so it shouldn't matter how long it takes til I get there because its what I want. And on that note... Ive changed my hair heaps! Here's the evolution of this years hair.

I've been so slack when it comes to photos. I haven't taken a proper photo since last year which is absolutely annoying. I've had this pink hair for a few weeks now and its cute (not as light as I want it to be at all, so I've been especially avoiding photos lately), but I think I prefer the green on me. Eh. I have a few different tubes of pink dye to try out, so the pink might be stickin around for a little while longer.

Now that I know my phone blogging is useless, I'll have to make a bit more of an effort to type stuff out on here (even if it is a bit of mindless one way banter from an unemployed and bothered kitten). We'll see how we go, aye!

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  1. Love the pink hair! I tried green not long ago and loved it :-)