Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Freaks & Geeks getup



This jacket always makes me feel like I'm Lindsay Weir and the day I wore this outfit (continuing on to today) I've been feeling like a burnout. Being unemployed (yet again..) sucks. I've gotten into this slump where all I do is stay at home searching eBay for amazing finds, eating cheese sandwiches and watching trashy tv shows online. And putting this dress on made me see how much weight I've gained in the time I've been home. I feel too depressed to go outside and be active so I stay couped up inside eating and wearing tracksuit pants and then when I realize what I'm doing I think 'Dita Von Teese would be disgusted that i even own tracksuit pants. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MYSELF?!'. But then I get distracted and do some housework and go back about my day. I need to get my ass into gear and become a sz 16/18 again not a sz 20/22. I have fabulous dresses that are waiting to be worn on my old body goddamnit!

Jacket: Cotton On (from over 5 years ago)
Dress: Forever 21 via eBay
Necklace: By the wonderful Natalie Perkins via Fancy Lady Industries

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cotton On Online Store

Eventhough we're trying to save up some money for Europe, I'm still making online purchases to rebuild my wardrobe. While searching for things I could add to my new wardrobe I realized that I never really look at the online stores of chain shops. I had a look at Cotton On's online store to see if they had anything cheaper than their already redic cheap prices. Thank god I did because I found the shoes I've been eyeing for the longest time on sale!

I'm usually not one for heels, but for some reason I just love these and I can walk in them perfectly fine. And of course, I couldn't just buy one thing, I had to buy all the good things that were on sale haha
I'm so pleased with how fast the package arrived. It wasn't even a week before I received my goodies. Cotton On, you've done it again ;)