Monday, April 2, 2012

Cotton On Online Store

Eventhough we're trying to save up some money for Europe, I'm still making online purchases to rebuild my wardrobe. While searching for things I could add to my new wardrobe I realized that I never really look at the online stores of chain shops. I had a look at Cotton On's online store to see if they had anything cheaper than their already redic cheap prices. Thank god I did because I found the shoes I've been eyeing for the longest time on sale!

I'm usually not one for heels, but for some reason I just love these and I can walk in them perfectly fine. And of course, I couldn't just buy one thing, I had to buy all the good things that were on sale haha
I'm so pleased with how fast the package arrived. It wasn't even a week before I received my goodies. Cotton On, you've done it again ;)

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