Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aussie Curves - Stripes

I'm not gunna lie, I've been saving this post for a few weeks for this challenge. What began as a simple spring outfit turned into a technicolour party!

I've been feeling very flat lately with my outfits. Just very boring and not what I used to be. I was looking at old photos and just reminiscing but not really doing anything about changing myself back to the old me with all my outgoing and carefully structured outfits. When I was getting ready I put this dress on and I was just going to wear it with leggings and a black cardigan and that would've been that. But then I thought back to when I bought the dress. We were in Italy and it was a hot day and I only had winter clothes and nothing summery fit me so I had to hunt for something in my size that was cheap and not shit looking (Just like I have to hunt here, but faster because I didn't want bad outfits in my holiday photos haha). I found this dress and wore it just with a furo green bracelet and sandals. So when I put it on again now I thought, 'Where did all my cute go?...'. I started with the tights and then it all just snowballed. I felt so cute once I was done. I haven't felt that cute and so 'like myself' in a long time.

I had no reason to go out so I just took myself out on a date to Savers where I found the most amazing vintage dresses. Its not often I find more than 1 great vintage dress in the one place but I found 4! 4 plus size vintage brightly coloured dresses! Im pretty sure you can just imagine how excited I was haha

To end the day I sat in the park in the city and ate sushi and read my book. It was so peaceful and I just felt like i was back to normal again.

Dress: Random store in Italy
Cardigan: Chocolat
Tights: Forever 21 Plus size section (they are actually the best fit ever!)
Shoes: Lipstik
Bag: Nasty Gal
Necklace: Lovisa
Lipstick: Limecrime

Bright days

I try to not wear sunglasses in photos because the photo ends up creeping me out a bit because you cant see my eyes but I just couldn't see at all because it was so bright! 

Dress: ASOS
Leggings: Big W
Shoes: Lipstik

We had a very lazy day and just faffed around for the day and took Fonzie for a walk and a bath. We usually get a dog groomer to neaten his hair up but it was costing more than all our haircuts! When we took him to the dog wash station at our local car wash we were all kind of nervous because we had no idea how it worked. We got set up and Fonzie got washed but we all basically did anyway haha There was water everywhereeeeee!

We dried him off and walked back home and picked some flowers. Fonz needed one in his hair because he's my little princess :)

When we got home we were all super lazy and napped the day away.