Thursday, March 29, 2012

OOTD - Waste of an outfit

Ugh. I was meant to go somewhere and plans were cancelled at the last minute so I was left sitting at home dressed up and bored, BUT I did find a tripod in the house that I forgot we had, so that means... PROPER OUTFIT POSTS! haha Im still pretty crap at this and don't really have much room in the house to actually take pictures, so my cramped little bedroom will have to do for now.

I hate that damn Keep Calm & Carry On poster my mum put up in my room while Sam and I were still in Newport. I need to hang up all my pictures so these walls aren't so bare.

I'm so boring when it comes to my everyday make up especially now that I'm growing out my brows to make them thicker and longer. Lesson learnt. Never over pluck again!

Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted

Monday, March 26, 2012

Breast Reduction Part 2

So I mentioned how I wanted to reduce my boobs a few posts ago and I got the doctors verdict. I can't get the surgery subsidised by medicare unless I can prove I have back problems. Now, I cant really physically prove my back problems (which I have anyway, but I cant prove that they're breast related), so I got a referral to a plastic surgeon with a practice in Coburg and Kew. I called up to see how much it would cost for a consultation with a referral and she said it was something like $200 but I can claim back $150 through medicare. That sounds fine enough, but I don't want to go to a plastic surgeon and pay all this money just for a consultation and then find out that the work they do is crappy. Seeing as though I cant get the surgery for maybe a year or two (which is going to suck so bad), I have a lot of time to search for reputable surgeons. But I'm really struggling to find places online that will show before and after photos or at least have some honest feedback from patients they've worked on. I really wish I didn't have to wait because I'm sick of getting rashes that turn into scabs and then blood on my bras and just messy shit happening. WHY CAN'T I JUST WIN THE LOTTERY?! Ugh. Tomorrow I might go to magnation and see if they have any plastic surgery magazines or something. Or if anyone has any good surgeons they know of, let me know!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vitality's Hair Color Plus Pink Dye Review

At the beginning of the year I did an image overhaul and changed my hair completely. I had been waiting patiently for a chance to dye my hair an unnatural colour again and the chance finally presented itself when I began searching for hairdressing apprenticeships. Since then I have been testing different brands and colours and trying to find something fabulous. Right now I'm on the search for the perfect pink, so I decided to give Vitality's Hair Color Plus a shot. It was $18.95 AUD for the small bottle.

I had almost completely washed out the previous pink dye I had in my hair, so before I put the Vitality colour in, it was a bit of an apricot blonde. Even though my hair is short, it is ridiculously thick and would take 2 packets of supermarket hair dye to cover it all, so I was nervous that I would run out of this dye half way.

I nearly peed my pants when I saw how gorgeous the colour was in the bowl! It was a really runny consistancy which i usually dont like, but the runnyness seemed to work well while I was applying it to my hair and allowed it to spread a lot easier.

This was my wet hair after shampooing twice. When I washed the dye out my hair was a very bright fuchsia, not just a 'hot pink' like most plain pink dyes. On the bottle it reccomends not to shampoo the hair after colouring, but since I wanted a more dulled out fuschia/fairyfloss colour I rinsed my hair and shampooed it twice. After drying it looked like this.

I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out even after shampooing and I'm even more pleased with how long its lasted. I've since washed my hair a few times more and the colour is still remaining a gorgeous fairyfloss pink. One of my mums friends came over who hasn't seen me in a while and literally called it fairyfloss hair haha
I surprisingly don't have a criticism for this dye at all. It was fabulous and I cant wait to try out all the colours that they have on offer!

From what I know, you can only buy these dyes in speciality hair supply stores and not in shopping centres, so they're not exactly easily accessible if you run out and need to re do your hair quickly, but when you find them, stock up!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jesus is my Homeboy, yo.

I have been the busiest little bee these past few weeks. We have officially ended our lease so I've had to do a lot of running around trying to organize people to come and clean the property so we don't get stuck having to get money taken out of our bond (at this point, even if we do, I don't care. I just want this to be over!). Its about an hour and a half commute by public transport from my folks place (where we are now staying) to the house we were renting which sucked. But I thought, if I'm going to be out all day I may as well look cute.

Wearing this shirt made me laugh because people thought I was actually some Jesus fanatic and they'd say 'oh, yeah. Jesus is cool...' and trail off. Then Id have a giggle when I walked away. I'm a Laveyan Satanist (Don't freak out. I'll write a post about that so you people can understand that I don't sacrifice animals or weird stuff like that), so I obviously don't take the concept of Biblical religion too seriously. I love collecting funny/ironic Jesus related things (my jesus mug is my pride and joy. I'll have to show you guys some time). I've wanted this shirt since it first came out when I was just a youngun. I begged my mum to buy it for me, but she refused because it was something like $60 at the time, so I just hoped that it would go on sale and I could finally have it. It never did. 10 years later I found it on ebay for 99 cents and now I'm never letting it go.

I love filling in my brows thickly with fierce arches. Sadly my boyfriend does not, so when he saw me with my fabulous filled in brows he just shook his head. WHATEVZ, BRUV. Usually I use a old Nutrimetics brow pencil in a light brown and cake it on, but this time I tried using some black eyeshadow. I used M.A.C's Disney Villains Collection eyeshadow in Carbon (Matte). The one with the sassy bitch Cruella DeVille on the lid. (The one in the middle of the below picture). I used a angled brush that I had swiped over one of my make up face wipes to get it a bit moist to pick up the eyeshadow (I refuse to dip it in water. And for some reason when I use the face wipe on the brush beforehand, it turns out better.) and then outlined the shape I wanted and filled her in. Babetastic!

I've also been contemplating closing my gap teeth up. Or getting caps when we go overseas in a few years. I probably wont because it such a hereditary thing, but I'm just worried that I'm going to appear as a child for the rest of my life because of my teeth.

Top: Teenage Millionaire via eBay
Skirt: Vintage via eBay
Pin: My old diaper pin from when I was an un bebe & green dummy from a novelty vending machine.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


What do I think when I hear 'boob job'? Fabulous.
I've been recently considering getting a breast reduction and I think I've finally decided that I 100% want to go through with it. I know a lot of girls that want to get implants, so to a lot of people when I mention a breast reduction they get confused as to why I wouldn't want to be even bigger. Well here's the boob story. In year 7 I didnt know how to work my new found teenage size 14C chest so I ended up looking fat and frumpy. During my later teenage years, I figured out how to flaunt my growing chest size BUT in that came a problem. Because of constant dieting and weight loss/gain I became prematurely saggy so my chest was a bit awkward and I started getting scarring under my boobs. The scarring stayed and my boobs got even bigger. Long story short, I'm now a G cup and have worse scarring and pain than ever before. I look pretty 'proportioned' but I'm always in pain. A reduction is the only thing I can do to help this but I just want to talk with more people that have had one just so I can know as much as I can about it. I'll be talking to my doctor about it tomorrow and we'll see what she says.
If anyone has had an experience with any kind of boob job, let me know what it was like for you.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I have been obsessed with the anime series Death Note lately. I've been plowing through the shows and am absolutely dying to get a hold of the manga series. I became interested mainly because of one of the characters Ryuk, a god of death. In the anime series he looks like this (the blue guy)

He's creepy looking, but its not too bad.
In the movie he looks like this...

SUCH A CREEPY BASTARD! I'm really impressed with the way they created him for the movie, but dear god!

I'm almost finished with the series and cant wait to start watching the movies.
The plot is a bit difficult to explain, but to put it simply Ryuk (that creepy guy) was bored in the spirit world, so he threw a death note (pretty much the grim reapers notebook where he writes who will be dying and how, etc) into the human world and this kid finds it and begins killing off criminals and then stuff just gets messy. Im usually not really into these sort of storylines, but this is just fantastic. If anyone has any other anime suggestions (preferably more girly/shoujo ones, swing them my way! :)