Tuesday, March 6, 2012


What do I think when I hear 'boob job'? Fabulous.
I've been recently considering getting a breast reduction and I think I've finally decided that I 100% want to go through with it. I know a lot of girls that want to get implants, so to a lot of people when I mention a breast reduction they get confused as to why I wouldn't want to be even bigger. Well here's the boob story. In year 7 I didnt know how to work my new found teenage size 14C chest so I ended up looking fat and frumpy. During my later teenage years, I figured out how to flaunt my growing chest size BUT in that came a problem. Because of constant dieting and weight loss/gain I became prematurely saggy so my chest was a bit awkward and I started getting scarring under my boobs. The scarring stayed and my boobs got even bigger. Long story short, I'm now a G cup and have worse scarring and pain than ever before. I look pretty 'proportioned' but I'm always in pain. A reduction is the only thing I can do to help this but I just want to talk with more people that have had one just so I can know as much as I can about it. I'll be talking to my doctor about it tomorrow and we'll see what she says.
If anyone has had an experience with any kind of boob job, let me know what it was like for you.

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  1. You're right most people want them bigger lol, if you are in pain then I reckon you should do it. My friend has big boobs and she suffers from back pain.

    Since having a baby mine aren't as perky as they use to be, I was considering a lift, nothing to make them bigger because they're already dd's but just higher, don't know yet if i'll go through with it, i reckon i need to do more research.

    Good luck babe let us know what your doc says :) I am now following, please have a look at my blog an follow back if you'd like I'd appreciate that :) xx