Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pre School

You ever get that feeling that you look like some sort of character after you've chosen your outfit for the day? I do. Most of the time.
Todays character, Pre School teacher!

Something about the primary colours and the shapes in the dress just give me good vibes.
Im just kind of bummed that I didn't have a matching petticoat to make the skirt pop even more.

I found this bag at the Salvos and almost died. It was that cute Miu Miu cat print thats been replicated over and over on this teeny tiny bag and I just had to have it! When I opened it up to see just how much I could fit in there, I noticed the ASOS tag on the inside.. SCORE! 

I need more vintage dresses like this! I pretty much strictly buy vintage dresses from eBay and thrift stores, not 'vintage stores' (because they're far too expensive for me), so its pretty limiting because I not only want certain styles of dresses, but they also need to be in size fat too.

Where are your fave places to find vintage dresses? 

Dress: Vintage, via Savers
Cardigan: Cocolatte
Bag: ASOS, via Salvos
Shoes: Kmart

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