Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Aussie Curves: Body Con

This weeks Aussie Curves challenge is body con. I was really excited about this because I'm all about a VBL but I looked in my wardrobe and realised that after selling most of the things I'd owned because they either didn't fit anymore/I needed money to fund things for my wedding, I had no body con things left. All I have is fit & flare dresses (which I still love) and no body con! ughhhhh!
But then I remembered, my cousins wedding!

I don't have many photos from the day but I was sure to get Sam to snap a couple of outfit photos for me. I can't wait tip they get their photos and video from the day! 

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. Just look at them! I cried during the whole ceremony because I'm such a sap haha

Some ducks crashed the ceremony. The cutest little wedding crashers you could ever want.

So the thing about wog weddings is that you have a party before the party which means 2 outfits! 
In the morning all the bride or grooms family go to the bride or grooms house and have a big brunch feast with all kinds of meats and potatoes and general woggy foods and lots of drinks all around and when its time to go to church (or the ceremony, however you wanna do it) we all shuttle off, they get married and then its another party at the reception.
Aaaaand this was my first outfit for the morning. 
I'll need to bust these dresses out more often. They're so fab!

1st Outfit
Dress: Anthea Crawford
Shoes: Kmart

2nd Outfit
Dress: Blue Illusion, via Salvos
Shoes: Novo


  1. You look gorgeous! I love both dresses! And your cousin looks amazing! x

  2. such a cute dress! I love the printed one, but the other one is pretty cute too!

  3. Love both dresses! Might have to score the second one for myself.

  4. great colorful dress - i'm a sucker for a pretty pattern. And, yes, you certainly should bust out those dresses more often. :D

  5. Love the colours in the top dress, but you look gorgeous in both!