Friday, April 11, 2014

Aussie Curves - Pattern Clash

I've been fairly absent from blogging recently and its not because I have nothing to blog about, its just that I've been so busy! Its become a case of so many outfit photos, so little time! haha
I wanted to try and get in on this weeks Aussie Curves challenge before it was too late.

This weeks challenge… Pattern Clash! I pattern clash very often with my outfits. It seems to be the thing that comes most naturally for me. What print should I wear? All of them! At once! 
I can't wait to be one of those mega cool stylish old ladies that wear a mismatched jumble of patterns and colours and still look hella cool.

I recently became obsessed with layering tights (tights, stockings, pantyhose, whatever) and this combo is my fave! It's been hard trying to find fun and fancy tights to layer because I'm chunkier than the gals they're made for, but lace style ones are often a lot more 'giving'. if the waistband doesn't fit, just cut it off because the rest of the tights will so why not keep a good thing! The 'base coat' of the tights, I like to keep as a single colour and my absolute faves are the Forever 21 plus size neon coloured tights. When I was in the US I picked up a few pairs but I'm so upset that I didn't just buy them all! I'm working on picking up more slowly though.

This weeks pattern clash isn't the most in your face (well, to me it isn't, but my mum said otherwise), but I just love this whole outfit so much! And I can't get enough of this dress. its just perfect!

Dress: Vintage, via eBay
Coat: Vintage, via Savers
Shoes: Sportsgirl, via eBay
Headscarf: Vintage
Stockings: Pink pair are Henry Holland via ASOS, Orange pair are Dangerfield


  1. So cute, I just adore that coat!! x

  2. Pink & orange together are one of my fave colour combos, SO in love with your tights mixed like that!

  3. your style is so cute, love it !

  4. This is awesome-- such a clever idea!