Sunday, August 4, 2013

Standing in places

These photos are all basically the same except I'm standing in different directions to the sun. Sam is my little photographer and, well, lets just be blunt, he could be better haha 
We stayed at Sams folks place while they were away for a few nights just so we could be out of our house for a little while. Change of scenery, I guess. We went for an awesome breakfast at a cafe around the corner. I've been having some major cravings for eggs and mushrooms lately. I just want to eat breakfast for every meal of the day. I also just want to wear sneakers forever. I bought these in New York because my Converse runners had just fallen apart and I had to throw them away. They are the comfiest things I've ever put on my feet. I wish I could wear runners to work. ugh

Jacket: Cotton On
Top: Glassons
Skirt: Cotton on
Leggings: Big W
Shoes: Nike
Scarf: Chelsea

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