Friday, July 12, 2013

Another OOTD feat Kitengs

It has been so cold in Melbourne! I love this weather so much but I'm not entirely equipped for it. When we moved back to my folks place to start saving, we also had to start downsizing. I sold pretty much all my wintery things and I'm only really left with the things I had left at my folks place before we ever moved out. Lately I've been layering heaps of things under my ultimate Lindsay Weir jacket. To think I almost got rid of this beauty too! I've got to start building up my winter wardrobe but I still don't really have any room to fit any more clothes haha damn it!

Kitengs really felt like she needed to show off her little fat potbelly

While we were in New York I was told by a work friend to go to Century 21 and I thank the heavens above that she suggested it! A few days into our USA trip my fave little blue, cross body bag that I take overseas with me broke so I had to get something that was practical to use for the rest of the trip and something that would still be 'Melbourne appropriate' (Even though Melbourne and New York basically feel exactly the same style wise). We got to Century 21 and Sam was being THEEEEE biggest pain in my ass. He just was not in the mood for shopping that day at all, especially not in a crowded department store. But I told him to get over it because I was on a mission. A mission to find a perfect, practical and stylish bag. We scrounged around for a while and I pushed my way to the small rack that held the Marc Jacobs bags just hoping to find a cute tote to bring back home but I found this Plum miracle.
Was it big enough to fit the necessities? Yes.
Was it cute enough? Yes.
Would it go with my wardrobe? Yes.
It ticked all the boxes! I looked at the price tag... $200USD marked down from almost $500USD
I'm the kind of girl that feels uncomfortable spending over $50 for any one item of clothing/accessories but c'mon! When the hell am I ever going to find a discounted MJ bag like this in Australia?! NEVER, thats when! I picked it up and pushed myself right on to the checkout. 

Jacket: Cotton On from about 2006/2007
Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Cotton On
Leggings: Big W
Boots: Autograph
Beanie: Country Road
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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