Monday, June 10, 2013

Eskimo Pie

Its hit Winter here in Melbourne and I've been terribly preoccupied. I STILL haven't put all the photos and videos from America onto my computer. All I've been doing is planning this wedding, stressing, sleeping and eating. I feel like I need to take a step back with this wedding stuff before I go mental, so Sam and I decided to go out for the day and we head into the city.

Kitengi wanted in on the action too haha

My nailpolish looks like a Lux DeVille handbag!

New adventure, new badges!

Tee - Marc Jacobs
Skirt - Vintage via Savers
Denim Jacket - Vintage via Savers
Beanie - Country Road
Nail polishes: Blue base - 'For Audrey' by China Glaze. Glitter topcoat - 'Fairy Dust' by China Glaze
Badges: 'Eat My Shorts' heart badge by Yippywhippy, Cat with googly eyes badge from Pygmy HIppo Shoppe store in L.A, Minnie mouse pin from Disneyland and femme Milhouse badge from Hardcore Sophomore (I'm obsessed with all their pins. So obsessed I almost have all of them and also so obsessed that I'm going to do a blog post showing you all of them and how my life gets harder when I have to decide which ones to wear on my jacket!)

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  1. Cute beanie!
    You are so so beeauuttiful and I love the fact Kitengi had to be included!