Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This post has been a longgggggg time in the making. Let's start from the beginning before we all get confused haha
The second half of 2012 was full of Sam and I preparing for our trip to the US. We were planning and preparing and saving and just generally all round busy. We have always been very open about wedding talk and that we wanted to get married. We had discussed rings and venues and ideas and had even proposed to each other countless times but Sam knew i wanted to be proposed to at the right time and the traditional way with a ring on a perfect day. Around my birthday (in July) Sam wrote me a letter telling me to be patient and the time will come soon enough for us to get married. So I waited. I waited but I didn't stop thinking about it. I had this idea that he would propose to me while we were in America because it would be something big and amazing being far from home and it would make the trip even better. But I was wrong.
It was our 4th anniversary on Boxing Day, December 26. Sam said we should go for a picnic in the park we had our first date (and mannnyyyy other dates) to celebrate. He said we would go and buy some food in the city and then make our way there. Before that I really wanted to get in on the Boxing Day sales but Sam kept saying "no, no we'll eat now and shop later." But me being the stubborn butt I am said shop now, eat later. I bought some goodies then it was time to eat. I got some sushi and Sam strangely didn't want anything. I didn't think anything of it at the time. We get to the park, we sit down on the grass and I start eating. Since it was Christmas the day before we were talking about our gifts and the fun day we had and them Sam 'remembered' that he had forgotten to give me one of my presents. Can you believe at this point I still didn't think something was up? Seriously! 
He took out a small glossy wooden box out of his bag and even then I didn't know what to think. Is this earrings, is this a cocktail ring, is it a brooch? I was so convinced it wouldn't happen so soon so an engagement ring was the last thing to pop up in my head.
He opened the box and before he could even say anything i burst out into the ugliest cry ever. He asked and I just kept crying and nodding then wheezed 'YES!'. He got teary and hugged me and wouldn't let go. Once I got myself together the first thing I said was "Theres going to be a wedding and I'M going to be the bride!" like Amy from Everybody Loves Raymond and we laughed. I called my parents first and they were at the shops. My Dad started crying and he never cries. Jesus. Im crying writing this just remembering this all. Sam called his parents and they said they had a feeling today would be the day. 
We rushed home and the process of phone calls announcing our engagement began.

This was taken literally a minute before it all happened haha

The ring! I hinted to Sam the classic Tiffany & Co ring was my dream diamond and he somehow found something almost identical but a tenth of the price. Props to Sam for being a diamond hunting genius!

So thats basically the story of how it went and now that we're back and mostly settled trying to start planning the wedding you'll be able to see the story unfold at my wedding blog http://thefairyflosswedding.blogspot.com.au

Dress: ASOS
Denim Jacket: Savers
Badges/Pins: 'Eat My Shorts' by Yippywhippy, Bartman from eBay, Sweetheart from eBay
Specs: Derek Cardigan

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