Sunday, May 12, 2013

New things

I got a new haircut and I absolutely love it! Ugh! I'm actually in love with mu hairdresser. Hairdressers are like soulmates. It's so hard to find one that just gets you and your hair. Kylie from Miss Gertrude (Previously 'Lure" Salon) is a fabulous human being. She's been cutting and colouring my hair since she was at the tail end of her apprenticeship and started my journey into white hair-dom. If you're in the Fitzroy area hit her up and tell her I sent you ;)

I also got myself a pair of prescription sunglasses! This may not sound like the most exciting thing ever, but it is to me because whenever I wore sunglasses I'd have to be blind or wear my specs underneath my sunnies like a lame soccer-dad. Its just a shame the nicest ones were by Alex Perry. Ugh. He's such a wanker. But whatever because now I CAN SEE WHILE I'M OUT IN THE SUN!

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