Friday, June 14, 2013

Hardcore Sophomore is so gr8!

I ALWAYSSSS get asked about where I get my badges from and I just wanted to do a shout out to my fave badge maker, Hardcore Sophomore. I've slowly been collecting these fantastic badges and still have heaps more to get. While we were in New York I met the man behind the magic, Rhanny. He was so lovely and helpful with tips for awesome places in L.A & N.Y which made me so much happier knowing the person behind all this is absolutely amazing. While in Tiffanys on 5th Ave in NY we were in the elevator and I was wearing a mix of pink badges a little girl next to me in the elevator whispered loudly to her Mum, 'MOMMY, LOOK!!', and she pointed to the pins on my jacket and got a bit too excited and grabbed onto my Honey Boo Boo badge to see it closer. 
I need to share the goodness so everyone can enjoy.

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