Sunday, November 11, 2012

My little tough guy

This is my pup, Fonzie. He's nearly 4 years old and has been the happiest dog I have ever seen. He's had allergies and a skin condition for a while now so the poor thing has to have tablets every day to keep it under control. Last week I noticed a little bump on his belly. It looked kind of like a pimple so I assumed it would be a bug bite. Dad and Sam took Fonzie to the vet and when they came back we got bad news. The Fonz has cancer. That 'bug bite' turned out to be a tumor. The vet said he needed surgery within the week otherwise it will spread and he'll need chemo. I went upstairs and just cried. We tried calling a few veterinary hospitals to see if the surgery could be done that day or the next but everyone had even more fees for the check up as well as the surgery so it was going to cost over $1000. Dad took the next day off to take Fonzie to the vet that could do the surgery the cheapest (forking out $1000 you don't even have is difficult). At 8:30 in the morning the initial vet who told us the news called up and said he was concerned about our poor boy and didnt want him to wait any longer, so he called us in for emergency surgery. Fonz was dropped off at the vet and was so excited he peed on the floor twice. Its like he knew he was going to get treated and feel better haha. At 5:30pm he was ready to come home, cancer free.

His allergies cause him to still scratch so we were all on watch so he didn't split his stitches open (which he thankfully hasn't! phew!). He has to wear his cone for another few days and gets the stitches out in a week.
I'm so happy and grateful that there are amazing human beings out there. If it wasn't for the vet, Fonzie would have been in a lot more pain and only able to get his surgery now.
Thank you so much to everyone at the Caroline Springs Veterinary Clinic. You're all absolutely amazing. <3

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