Wednesday, February 20, 2013

new year, too late

Well it's 2013 and the festivities and nonsensicalness has settled down so I think its time for an overview. The last time I blogged was in November. A whole lot has happened since then but the main being.... I GOT ENGAGED! oh my goodness I cant wait to blog about the proposal and wedding ideas!
Aside from that, we've been prepping our US holiday and have celebrated my sisters/sams/my dads birthdays (and mums is coming up in a week).
On Jan 1st I figured it would be a good time to say goodbye to my blonde hair and go brown so I could grow it out. I miss it, but I've grown to appreciate my natural hair colour so there's no love lost between me and my follicles.
But anyway, heres to a new year and a new 'you' or me, or whatever. And here are outfit pics I never posted on here.

dress: River Island c/o ebay
cardi: chocolat
leggings: big w
shoes: doc martens
bagdes: yippywhippy

tee: cotton on body
skirt: kmart
bag: some quirky store in Italy

hairvolution and dumb faces

Clare's birthday celebrations and on point glitter eyebrows

Soda Rock Cafe shits on Mistys Diner (Soz Misty)

We had our primary school 10 year reunion. I was there with my bff from primary school. The popular girls are still cunts and me and my old bff are actually so much better off for nerding it up and being bullied because I'd hate to have turned out like them. SUX 2 B U. 
Fun fact. I was away from school one day in grade 2 and my bff started crying because she didn't know who else to hang out with so the teachers put us in the same class the next year and we were in the same classes for the rest of our schooling life. 


We never got a lot of presents as kids. Mum would always buy a number of really small things so it'd feel more exciting opening 'more' presents. This year I had a steady income and bought everyone a shitload of presents each and i had more fun watching everyone open their presents than anything.

Playing uno in bed Xmas night with Sam

 And a picture of Kitengs to end this post.