Sunday, November 11, 2012

Movie date

We went out to see End of Watch at the cinemas. It was so good! I'm not very good at explaining movies without giving away the whole storyline, but lets just say if you're into movies like Training Day, go see it.
I also got a new phone, the new iPhone 5. I previously had the iPhone 3 then got a HTC Desire Z and because that was crap I used my old iPhone until my contract ran out and now I finally have a phone with a frontal camera! Helloooooo selfies! haha

Sam is becoming a bit of a skinhead and I'm absolutely loving this change. But his wardrobe is more cohesive than mine now, so I'm pretty jealous.

I was grumpy cat when we got home because I just wanted to sleep and I was so restless after all of the activities of the day.

Cardigan - Glassons
Tee - Kmart
Skirt - Cotton On
Leggings - Big W
Flats - ASOS

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