Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aussie Curves - Denim

YAY FOR DENIM! I couldn't wait for this challenge so heres something I prepared earlier! haha
I basically live in my denim jacket in the cooler months so for this challenge I didn't want to show you that when I pretty much wear that all the time anyway  so when I bought this vest, I snapped up some photos right away and saved them for this (is that sad? Whatever. I come prepared!).

I'd been looking absolutely everywhereeeeeee for a moto style denim vest and only found things in ugly colours/tiny sizes/weird cuts/unnecessary studs and embellishments on the back and front, etc. And then while rummaging through some sale racks at Glue, I found it! Like a gift from above, it came to me. Perfect colour, good size/cut and no unnecessary studding or embellishments! Perfect!

Oh! and these shoes! I got these for an absolute bargain at the Windsor Smith outlet because they were 'damaged' but the damage was just an easily cleanable scuff on the side of one shoe. SOLD!

SoOooOooo glAmmmm haha

Vest: Miss Selfridge via Glue
Tee: Giordano
Dress (worn as skirt): Kmart
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Necklace: Lovisa


  1. not sad at all! I think saving photos is great and I have about 2 'emergency blog posts' up my sleeve most of the time. :D Love this vest and I'm digging your bun too <3

  2. Your outfit works so well...Great chain.

  3. You look great! That vest is awesome, I can see why you were SO excited to get out snap those pics and share them this week. Nailed it, I say.

  4. That vest is freaking awesome. I LOVE THAT CUT. Did they have it black? :O

  5. I love this look! So cute! The vest is totally badass, and i'm heaps envious of your Windsor Smiths. I've never owned a pair - are they all they're cracked up to be? :)

  6. That is one flipping fabulous vest! Love it.