Friday, May 23, 2014

Aussie Curves - Song

I've had this outfit lined up for this week because it gives me really strong love vibes. Now hear me out!

When I first pieced this shirt and skirt together I felt some serious nostalgia and missed being in Italy. The print on the skirt, the crisp white mixed with neutral accents. It just feels so romantic and gives me 'Summertime 1958 in Roma' vibes.

So what song is this outfit vibing to?...

Dean Martin - Volare

I swear this song and this outfit together make me get butterflies thinking about when Sam and I were in Rome and I just want to go back right now!

Seeing as though I got all sappy about this, my handsome fella just had to make an appearance. 

Shirt: ASOS
Skirt: no name/tag via Salvos
Stockings: random 'Curvaceous' ones from Kmart
Shoes: Lipstick
Bag: vintage YSL


  1. what a lovely skirt, I've already commented on the FB page but I just wanted to add something here too. Great pattern!

  2. That skirt is DIVINE! I love this ensemble. And the song. OH the song. <3 <3 <3