Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hello Dolly!

My oh my, it's been nearly 2 months since I've posted anything!
I have been the busiest little bee these past few months and I'll be doing a visual update once i upload all the photos from my phone/ipad/camera, but here's a brief overview of what I've been up to...
I have a full time job again! (Which is the biggest contributor to my lack of time)
I did some modelling for Hey Fatty!
I've sold most of my clothes and bought ALL OF THE CLOTHES from ASOS and will have to do a haul vid (inspired by Bron from Fat Aus)
I got tattooed again! (ok, it was today, but still...)
I had my birthday (week)!
And that's pretty much all the main things. Its funny; I was unemployed for 9 months and had nothing to do, but as soon as I got my job, all these events and good things started popping up to make life busier! Ironic!

I've updated my laptop and organized it all again, so hopefully I'll now feel more inclined to come home after work and do some blogging.
But anyway... Welcome back, blog!

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