Saturday, November 2, 2013

Aussie Curves - Retro

If there is one thing I'm good at, it's looking 'retro' or 'vintage'. I could've gone one of a few ways about this weeks challenge but I had worn this outfit a few weeks back when it was super cold purely for this weeks challenge (look at me pre planning these things haha), so I had to take the 'rockabilly/retro' path rather than my newfound love for 60's/70's psychedelic outfits.

I'm not one to follow any kind of fashion rules, and I especially don't follow the rules of what fat girls should and shouldn't wear because I like to be a chameleon with my clothes and I guess I like to play a character with each outfit I put on. My partner thinks I just cant make up my mind when it comes to which style I want to make my own but all I can think is why do I have to just have ONE style. It may work for some people but my feelings towards fashion is so erratic, I cant stick to just one because I'm obsessed with them all! 

What I said about not following fashion rules, I stand by that BUT that being said, there should be one legit rule made for short women and it should be "At any chance you can get, wear a short skirt". I think short skirts make everyones image of themselves a lot cuter especially when you're a short woman like I am because it makes my legs feel heeeeaaaapppps longer! I'm 5'3 and my partner is 6'7 so I will forever look short standing next to him but at least when I'm wearing a short skirt I feel taller. That may sound really dumb, but whatever, it makes sense.

Isn't this bag the coolest thing?! It just reminds me of Japan and the 90s and I needed it in my life ASAP. It only fits the necessities but what it lacks in room, it makes up for in cute and kitschyness.

I hope you cats enjoyed the post and I cant wait for next weeks challenge!

Jacket: Target (a few years ago)
Dress: Ally (fat gals, dont be afraid! It looks like a shop where nothing will fit, but serz, go in and try on all the stuff thats stretchy and you will most likely buy everything)
Stockings: Razza Matazz in Curvaceous
Boots: Autograph
Bag: via Nasty Gal


  1. what a cute outfit, you look awesome!

  2. Gah! I loooove this. Love love the leather jacket with the leopard print. Super stylish, very fun and you look great.

  3. Outfit perfection! I am so the same when it comes to style, I have a few different styles that I love, and I don't see why you should stick to one. Oh, you and your man certainly do have a height difference, don't you! I thought the 6" between my ex and I was big!

  4. Fantastic outfit.