Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taking off my training wheels

A few months ago Sam bought a bike because he felt it was a cheaper alternative to going to the gym and according to him 'bike riding is fun'. I scoffed and said it was lame. I never learnt how to ride a bike. I never got past taking the training wheels off because I got bored with it really quickly, so I guess that was my reason for my response. A few weeks ago we were at DFO and I just decided 'hey what if I tried to learn how to ride a bike' and bought the bike and accessories on the spot. I'm glad I did because it turns out bike riding is the most fun thing ever!

I still feel like a dork wearing my size XXL helmet (my head is also plus size).

Me just standing next to Sams bike is ridic. THE SEAT REACHES MY DAMN SHOULDERS! Its ok though coz Sam is a giant so he fits it perfectly.

On Monday we went for the sickest ride ever! It was scorching hot and it just felt like the perfect outdoorsy day. We rode a few km's before I felt like dying. My bike doesn't have any speeds so when I go on a slight incline I have to try my damnedest to get up that hill. After this ride I felt liberated. I felt like I could breathe better and I just felt like I was achieving something within myself. I don't know what it was but it made me feel proud of myself. I feel so happy even just thinking about when the next time I get to go out on a ride is haha

And what would a hot day filled with bike riding be without an ice cream from the servo...

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  1. Isn't bike riding great?! One of the best things about it is you can travel further, and faster, than walking. Glad you finally got a bike!