Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Europe - Part 3

Day 3 in Paris we head off to Rue de Cambon, location of the famous Chanel store and location that inspired the name of the classic Cambon bag. We looked around the luxe areas and stores and cried because we couldn't buy anything

Mum is absolutely obsessed with Coco Chanel. She knows all about the woman and who she was friends with and where she lived and all that stuff, so we of course had to take photos of the Chanel stores haha


Walking around Place Vendome to get to the Ritz. Mum was hoping we could see the room Coco Chanel lived in, but they wouldn't even let us in the foyer...so much for that idea.

Parisian police just look so hard! Their outfits remind me of Biff from Back to the Future number 2, you know, where he's chasing Marty on the hoverboards? haha


  1. Love your sweater! It looks so cosy. I love Paris, It's one of my favourite cities :) xox Love your blog :D