Monday, January 2, 2012


Well hello all! This is my new blog. My old blog was deleted unfortunately, but instead of sooking about it I figured it was a great chance for a new (blog) start. It's the 3rd day into 2012 and I'm feeling a bit new.
I learnt a few things with my old blog that I'd like to change a little bit on this one. I would profusely swear, my grammar was bad because I wouldnt have time to properly edit the posts, I would only post things once a month, if not with more time in between and just all these other faux pas'. I can't promise that I'll be very eloquent with any of these posts, but I will make a bit more of an effort and will try to blog about something at least once a week. Just an FYI, this blog will mostly be outfit posts, stuff I like, stuff that happened during the week and other random things I feel like sharing. I may try and build up a 2011 overview post, but I'm not too sure if I even want to think about 2011 again...


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